The Basics of Total Quality Management

Total quality management is a managerial framework attributed to improving customer experience and product value by streamlining operations. It involves looking at a whole towing service segment or other business processes, be it order fulfillment, marketing, sales, management, among others. Management involves managers and executives overseeing various processes, identifying errors, and ensuring they are all solved amicably.

Management process can provide different benefits to the business including the following;

– Increased productivity in employees as all staff get to understand what is expected of them and what they can do to bring success for their business.

– Greater employee morale as team members know all expectations and work confidently towards achieving their job duties.

– Better and streamlined business processes as managers create a careful framework with strategic methods.

– increasing customer satisfaction as business changes and processes are enacted that specifically aim at providing quality goods and providing a lot of value to customers.

To deliver quality management, here are some of the important principles you need to follow;

Customer Focus

Total quality management is fully customer-focused. It revolves around solving customer issues and working to create products and services that meet customer needs. To ensure you can achieve that, you must determine your customer needs, desires as well as roadblocks to delivering success. You can get more information about your customers by creating buyer personas, getting customer feedback and reviews, and conducting customer interviews.

Effective Leadership

Although it will involve the entire company, total quality management when established is based on effective leadership. As management, you work to unite your organization and develop strategies and plans that provide your employees with the training they need to succeed as well as a sense of direction. Without setting goals and objectives and actively communicating them to employees, it can be very challenging to achieve the success you need.

Total Employee Buy-in

Another very important element of total quality management is the fact that employees embrace a full buy-in. All employees participate to work together to meet common goals. Without full support, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve the success you need for your business. TO encourage business-wide participation, you need to provide employees with all the training necessary. When employees feel prepared, they are more likely and willing to participate because they feel included and supported through the process.


As you realize that something needs to change, you just can’t say it’s okay to do little and expect huge success. You must work to identify areas of improvement, understand if there are any failures and roadblocks, and develop a strategy that will help you encourage and empower your employees to succeed in their tasks. In everything you do, you must include a strategy. Total quality management is strategy based. You need to have strategic management of different processes.

In any decision you make, ensure you are guided by data to make decisions. You can’t make assumptions about performance. You will need concrete data to draw accurate conclusions and understand how you are performing.

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